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Terence McKenna: Culture is not your friend

03/22/12 09:32:05AM @princenoobsauce:

His timewave zero stuff is pretty cool. Brilliant man. :)

Angel Frye
03/22/12 04:15:35AM @angel-frye:

Except for the anti-gnostic rant there toward the end, I think that he really has some good things to say. Gnosticism is not about demiurge/evil/go crazy and walk around like crazy people--- it's about cohesiveness and taking a stand against lawlessness itself. Understanding that our own human spirit is the body of God and that we already know right from wrong innately. We don't need politicians for hire to tell us right from wrong. But we ignore that basic instinct within us and this creates atheist because they think that there's nothing left to see or experience except the garbage they see all around them on CNN and the like.

I think he's right in a way: culture kills. Because it divides. It creates an "us" and "them" separation between people and that's not the way to keep love alive and human consciousness growing toward Love and God.

02/23/12 09:41:45AM @foxpaw:

I would have loved to have tea with him. Such an intellegent man. As artist Alex Grey suggests, "In the twilight of human history, McKenna's prescription for salvation is just so crazy it might work."

Trina Sandress
02/22/12 11:07:23PM @trina-sandress:

Love,love,love Terence Mckenna!!! The world was a better place with him in it!

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