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Kelly O
11/30/12 09:50:12AM
3 posts

Newbee whos needs guidance!

Introduce Yourself

goodluck on the journey....I have thin straight shoulder length hair and im 2 weeks in. Take it easy with the sea salt spray because it can really dry out your hair.....i have a really low salt to water ratio and it does seem to really help with the sectioning. You may also want to make sure you avoid your scalp with the sea salt...because it can dry it out. Some people can drench their hair in the stuff and never have issues but some peoples hair and skin cant handle it.

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Kelly O
11/29/12 11:55:17AM
3 posts

Homeschool/unschool folks?

dready interests

Youre so right Coco....the first thing people say about homeschooling is "they need traditional for socialization." Spending 12 years with the same group of kids does not teach you how to socialize. My son has had more productive social situations that help him develop than what traditional school ever will offer.....but were fortunate to live in a country where we can make decisions that is the best fit for the family.

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