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Alexia Sepe-Gomez
02/26/13 03:08:37PM
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veggie vegan omni ital? whats your diet and hows it relate to your dreadiness (if at all)

Dreads and Diets

Its amazing how much your body changes after being avegetarian!

I was avegetarian for four years, then decided after living with mycarnivoreboyfriend for a year to slowly introduce meat into my life. After two years, or trying to eat some things, beef and milk make me sick, usually a terrible stomach ache...and a day on the pot :(

but if im in MX in my home town, drinking milkstraightfrom a cow, warm and frothy, i have no stomach problems...(So Strange!)

But my tummy loves raw fish, and seafood the most then cooked fish, or chicken is ok.

We get our meat from local farms or our whole foods stores, and sometimes their beef isn't as bad on my tummy, but we live in AK and eat mostly moose, bear, salmon, halibut, clams, muscles, or reindeer. He eats meat everyday, i do maybe 3-4 day out of the week, im still custom to cooking loads of amazing veggie meals!

soaring eagle said:

its my understanding that humans are not designed to eat meat and can only digest it because of microorganisms in the intestines that break it down for you. once they die, you cannot digest meat so it becomes toxic to you. or at least undigestable...its alien to the natural human diet

this is why we cook meat, humans cannot survive on raw meat..
if meat was natural to us we would have the claws and teeth needed to rip into a living be able to kill prey with only hands and teeth, but no our hands are best for picking fruites, leaves , our fingernails arent sufficient for peircing flesh and although a bite can cause a lil blood we cant tear flesh from bone
long long ago fire alowed us to cook meat so we could eat it..this was our 1st deviation from our natural evolution..and began a long gradual weakening of the species

also, nutrients..all nutrients originate in soil water and sunlight..plants contain all the nutrients that give us life, herbivores then absorb these nutrients and carnivores absorb them second hand through the flesh of the herbavores..its seperating us from the source of life through death, digesting the dead carcass of the animal that ate the nutrients we need
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