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Merek Privitt
10/10/12 01:48:35PM
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HELP! hives from baking soda!

General Questions

Baking soda by itself on your skin will make you very itchy sometimes, depending on the climate. Id bet money that it was a bad reaction of something in the soap with the baking soda. id do one then the other, you probably wont have any problems.

Merek Privitt
10/09/12 04:01:18PM
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Itchy neck/upper back/ shoulders after doing a bs wash?

Dread Maintenance

I just did my first bs wash, following the recipe i found in another convo of 1/2 cup bs to 5 cups water. While i was letting it soak i noticed my shoulders and upper chest/ upper back itching. Ive now rinsed and im airdrying. i made sure to rinse off the itchy areas really good after i rinsed my hair, but my im still itchy. is this normal? should i rinse my skin with acv and water mixture to rebalance my skin ph or something?

if anyone has experience with this or has a possible solution its much appreciated.

thanks, peace and love brothers and sisters(:

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Merek Privitt
09/11/12 06:05:57PM
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Does this look right? Feed back please

Introduce Yourself

Yea that looks great! the loops and twists are one way of knowing your hair is starting to lock up more! i get giddy every time i see a lumpy loopy dread cause i know it means theyre getting more mature.

but yea, it looks like youve got some great progress. dont get discouraged, theyll look a little messy and weird for a little while, but its totally worth the wait for the tight, cleaner looking locks to come later.

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