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Don J
08/07/12 09:34:00PM
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how can i get my dreads to thicken up and how can i make the ends neater

Dread Maintenance

Are your dry rolling or have?

Used the sea salt, rinse your head once, then soak with the salt water and roll each once. Let "fully" dry (uses a hair blower medium heat on low fan if it takes longer then 30 minutes to dry)

Then rinse wash like you normally do and keep doing it every week or 2 till you feel its not helping anymore, condition if it feels dry to the point its brittle and Aloe Vera works great for that and loose hairs.

Like they say, blunts aren't the greatest and you still would have the random hair unless you do the c word... dreads are messy... but if you really want... just fold the tip in when rolling with the salt, or rub the tip into the palm, but be forward bumps will happen if you force things. I did both ways and still not fully blunted, but it did what I wanted and what I feel you are looking for.

Source: This site helped a lot and doing it myself, I was dry rolling all the time and it looked similar to that. It is dreading and it will keep knotting but it will be puffy with no water. Water helps the knotting, salt just drys it faster and adds friction. I also T-shirt tie my hair back at night for less rubbing on the pillow and a "dew rag" would work too. Not to tight, it can flatten the dread over time.

I shouldn't really try helping till after a year but its just the same thing people say over and over. Give it time.Looking good, keep it up

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