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07/09/12 04:54:33AM
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How to separate dreadlocks when they are tight?

Dread Maintenance


I was wondering about how to separate dreadlocks when they are tight already.

I am only on my third month and well, I pretty much don't know much about. I'm gonna tell you the way I've done it (don't know if I'm doing well), but if you read this, would be lovely to share some information.

When all my roots get super messy after shower, seems like my dreadlocks want to get together, so... what I've done is to rip off the connecting hairs... when the dreads were loose, I was able to rip hair by hair, complete, without breaking it (I don't know if this is ok).

But now I have more tight dreads, and when my roots start to connect, I just try to losen the hairs a bit (now some are so tight to the point that I just can't take off hairs of them), so when they are the more losen I can get, I cut those hairs and just let them be part of all the hair flow (maybe in the future will become part of the dread, I don't know, because some are already too tight). Sometimes in the process of losen those hairs they break (also don't know if I have to take more care about this).

And also the process for me hurts a bit, but I try to be really careful on not pulling my hair too much, that's why It takes ages to me to separate.

But well, on this month, I have my dreads separated from one another but also with lots of losen hairs (you can take a look in my pictures if you want).

I just wanna know if I'm doing well, and to share advices. Sometimes I look my hair (comparing it with those tidy dreads I've seen around here), and I look like a homeless pretty much, with all messy hair and you barely can notice dread shapes. I don't care that much about the tidy looking fact, but sometimes I just don't know if I'm on the right way.

Well, take care!. Hope you can share knowledge. And sorry about my bad english, it's not my mother language, hehe.

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