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Oscar D'Souza
07/16/12 04:17:04AM
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Mi ona way to be a Rasta...

Introduce Yourself

Hi , Mi name Oscar,
I from Goa ina India but i live with my wife and son in Russia... i had grown dreads long time ago .. But had to leave dem cus mi job, now i own a business so mi do dreads again... and mi follow Rastafari Faith... mi call mi son Little Rasta...

updated by @oscar-dsouza: 01/13/15 09:30:57PM
Oscar D'Souza
07/07/12 10:44:59AM
2 posts

Dreadlocks in Goa, India

General Questions

M e from Goa, but i dint go to get dreads... i just got them naturally, dreads u gotta feel inside.. nothing more better than natural.. peace..

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