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dreadlocks shampoo

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/23/17 05:57:23PM
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dude do you know how many hard core hippie stoners never owned a tie die or  lavalamp and how many who never touched a thing own both and beeded doors  etc

besides it was just something to sit the soap on to photograph it shes not so great at those things  so her husband or daughter took them

theres nothing associated with drugs about the soaps or tie dies  and i think you worry too much about perceptions  to the point of avoiding products  not on other peoples perceptions (which you admitted to worry about) but your own

now it might surprise you that 1/2 the  painted up 'hippie' busses on the road belong to church groups or mobile food kitchens

someone wearing crystals or peace signs might be just kind people not  chronic potheads

id say at least 80% of music, art, creativity and culture has associations with "drugs'  you could miss out on the greatest things in the world just cause there maybe some perception of association with drugs.

maybe you had bad experiences with drugs i did too .. drugs in a general sense are bad news (herb in a medical sense is a life saver though andif taken full advantage of industrially medically, for food and fuel, would change the future) maybe it ..any association acts as a trigger for ya

maybe you were in too deep or  just got out

but sometimes innocent things rigger  bad memories but avoiding all those things only gives them power

if instead, se had a native American artifact like a medicine shield behind it would that give you the urge to  do a sundance and pierce your flesh with a boars rib?

if there was a car in the background ..a ford and your a chevy man, is that reason enough to avoid a product?

i'm sorry i understand if you had a bad history with drugs  but don't see why it should influence you on such a micro level when its just a corner of fabric behind i think only 1 maybe 2 products

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/23/17 05:30:32PM
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they will be all shaps and sizes and until they are knotting up really  they maybe just redefining the sections by how they want to tangle

only worry about it if they are forming real big if they aren't really forming yet just  tangling already real thin sections

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/23/17 12:39:53AM
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1 that looks exsremely conditioning, and 2 all castile soaps will have the same issues in hard water.

the only reportedly semi safe shampoo available at local stores might be trader joes teatree tingle, now i am not able to confirm, or deny how safe it is, just am aware that a fair number of members have used it without any reporting negative results.

it will not speed up dreading like the lockin up liquid however, but it MAY be an acceptable option if your unable or unwilling to purchase online.

again i cannot guarantee its going to yield good results or be safe long term, just that others have used it as an alternative  and have not heard complaints.

the number that use it is rather small however..bronners had many many complaints but also was used widely.

so the data set i have to make a judgment call on is about 10, maybe 20 people out of 20,000 (at a rough guess) i do not n think that's enough for a definitive answer

now with its been 100% that say it is the absolute best (with 2 exceptions 1 being someone who runs a rival shampoo business and the other being a good friend of hers that runs a salon that recommends the other persons shampoo (her friend)

in all fairness and for full disclosure vicki that makes dreadlockshampoo is a friend  and a very sweet woman (you'll be blown away by the customer service) but that is not enough to earn such a high recommendation, what earned the high recommendation is the pretty much universal agreement that they are the best from everyone who used them, and, from my personal experience (i'll be detailed here) years ago a hospital had me on the nastiest antibiotic there is, one so nasty they have to run a tube all the way up a veign (or i think artery) straight into the aeorta or it would destroy the walls of the blood vessels. anyways they pumped it in too fast which caused "redman syndrome" an intence itching all over. when they say the itching ..from 12 feet away in the room doorway they decided it was lice not  anything else (i did have dandruff though)

anyway they used quell every single day (only safe to use every i think 9 or 14 days and then only twice ) on the last day they left it on for 4 hours instead of the prescribed 15 minutes

my scalp bled, and from that day on for years  came off in chunks, often bloodty chunks..they literally destroyed nmy scalp making it a disaster,

for about 6 years from then oni tried every medicated shampoo, even took part in medical studies of new  drugs  i tried bronners i tried baking soda(that since it exfoliated so well seemed to help temporarily at  the cost of extremely weakened hair) and then i tried  dreadlockshampoo.. and instantly my scalp became nearly perfect, for 1st time in years healthy and happy

whats more is the extreme weakness caused by the balking soda was  pretty much instantly reversed.

so even if vicki wasn't such a sweet amazing woman, even if i hated her with a passion,i could not deny the  fact that only her shampoos saved my scalp and dreads

on the other hand the 1 womanwho did give it a bad review, i tried her shampoos just to be fair, the liquid was like water  poured right through my dreads wouldn't lather at all,  i used at least 4 times what i normally used on my whole head, just on 1/2 my beard and gave up and tried the bars (from same woman) those dried out my scalp so bad  it was peeling off in sheets of thick dead dry skin (remember however  before the dreadlockshampoo i had severe scalp issues so my results are not typical (except the wateryness of the liquid) it was just my experience that the liquid was useless and the bar (for me) made my scalp condition worse ten not washing at all.

sorry that was lengthy just wanted you to have detailed info. i cant recommend the dreadlockshampo highly enough but if you just use a store brand 1 of the very few that has n=been used with limited success is trader joes teatree tingle. and even though its only a small..tiny percentage that have used it i haven't heard anything bad (so far)

i cant suggest it, or  recommend against it, i just don't have enough info, but it is a possible alternative that out of all store brands is most likely to be safe

some lush bars some say are safe too, although the president of lush when asked says that technically none of the lush bars would be dread safe. or at least he was unwilling to say any are dread safe (which i greatly respect his honesty, and the fact that the president answered the question from 1 of our members directly)

i hope that wasn't info overload

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/22/17 08:41:00PM
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the absolute best is they are as natural as bronners, even more ethical, smell absofreakinglutely amazing and clean like nothing else.

they are beer, not water based (organic beer) they contain microfine clays that bond with dirt and oils and  remove them and have all organic essential oils

they are not super fatted and because of the beer vs water  it prevents the buildup bronners causes in hard water areas.

they smell so good many members say they like to carry them in their pockets before using them, and spend more time in the bathroom cause it smells so good.. when was the last time you heard anyone say the bathrooms the fave room in the house cause it smells the best

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/22/17 04:23:28PM
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 think you worry way too much about how people will react when the reality is people react very much the opposite in 99.9999% of the time.

it is almost never that you get that reaction..from anyone, including in the most professional settings.

it is true that theres the other 0.00000!% but look at who those people are.. and realize if it wasn't your dreads they would be judgig your sexuality by how you walk,your education by how you talk, your beliefs and values by how you dress. f you choose to wear sunglases they will make assumptions on what that means

i can tell you as someone with 100% natural dreads, whos worked in professional environments with meetings with high profile officials etc. not once did i ever feel any judgement in fact far more admiration and acceptance.

now the microlocks nappy locks all that crp is the number 3 worse things you can do to dreads

'the "neatness" comes at the cost of hair loss and balding

it requires constant mainteanance at a high expense

you can spend 20,000 dolars in the 1st few years only to end up balding as a result

now we have members who are doctors, work in law firms, are ceo's of construction companies, and, 3 or 4 who work at nasa ..astrophysicists. we have preists we have teachers and professors nurses people with managerial positions on mtv .. the entire wide spectrum

nd not 1 of them worries how their beautiful natural dreads affects their perceptions.. if they were perceived as being anything but who they are they wouldn't be where they are.

yes you will have a number who assume you like the geatful dead (probably the one band i dislike most in the world) or you're a stoner

but way more  would never make that assumption, even if they were stoners themselves

I WOULD NOT GO WITH MICROLOCKS OR NAPPY LOCKS these are interlocking and if you read up on here it is horrible!

i would also not worry what people think.

we have dozens of grandmothers who are dreading for 1 reason only

they have frizzy hard to control hair just like yours

alost everyone you encounter will love your dreads and admire you for them.

a very small number of angry judgmental  a-holes will look down on you

its up to you whether you care more about the opinions of a few angry nasty people or are happy just being yourself and perfectly accepted by the vast majority of society

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/21/17 11:50:57PM
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me N my dyed And bleached dreads

Introduce Yourself

the school security guard is being discriminatory and if it continues simply report them

even if it were a cop i would report them.

1 thing i found s they will try to get away with more then they should if you don't stand up to them. if you do however..yoiu put an end to it and  at the same time gain their respect.

heres an interesting coincidence

the more freely you  admit to  smoking weed to a cop the less likely they are to harass you over fact, they may even give you weed they confiscated off someone who tried to hide the fact they smoked.

as long as your respectful and friendly about it. and prepared to have a friendly conversation on why the laws unjust (almost all agree but still it is their job to enforce it, which most don't like to do) they are after the ones sneaking around  selling pounds and  carrying guns to protect the big money. not the  kid that  says nah sorry i'm out at the moment haven't smoked in days

or even ask "where do you as a cop see the good stuff i can only find  crap"

s long as you dpn't say 'i have an ounce in my pocket' admitting to smoking  is not grounds to search, and because your forthcoming and honest they are less likely to bother.

especially if you had a medical reason for it, whether the state has medical or not

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/21/17 12:18:05PM
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me N my dyed And bleached dreads

Introduce Yourself

that's good

i searched him, wiki is down it seems i couldn't access wikipedia and when tried to look at the photos made me approve an adult content thing but then yea i saw where u were influenced..blatantly

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/21/17 12:09:49PM
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me N my dyed And bleached dreads

Introduce Yourself

who or whats a XXXTENtACION?

just be you

but yea jack roth does have awesome dreads

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/21/17 09:18:48AM
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From Long Beach and still no dreads

Introduce Yourself

going to anyone to "get them done" is just further abuse of your hair.

now you say your a christian and devoted your hair to god?

read up on the nazarite vow

joseph samson, johm the Baptist and yes jesus were nazarites

the diference being some were born nazarites (as in jesus) others became nazarites by vow

those who took the vow were commite for 100 days..minimum but could  let go of the vow after.

those born nazarites generally  practiced all the tennets of the vow for life

this is how you get dreads that mean something and aren't just expensive  immitations

let them start not in a salon but in your soul

do not let  metal whether comb nor blade touch your hair. ..this is the exact opposite of the salon way.

simply stop combing stop cutting.. this is the way its done in every religion and every spiritual practice.

the nazarite vow covers other aspects of life besides hair,  its a pure devotion to god so they refrain from eating anything like meat, or fish, and any fruit of the vine (fermented or not)

rastarfarians, whos belief are based on the bible as well take it a step further and do not injest any chemicals or even cook in pots that leak chemicals into the food (like aluminum) and are purest  when it comes to the body must remain whole ..even if refusing to amputate a toe results in death.

all dreadlocks are a spiritual journey

none more so then those started naturally

none less so ten those paid for and started by force in a salon.

in the end all usually affect you spiritually and you will have profound regrets that you did not start them the natural way

please read all you can here and do not make the salon mistake!

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