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01/08/12 10:28:46AM
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Drying your hair purposely for dreads, long term effects...

Dreading Methods

ok your page said u were going to use wax

so you got the wrong methoid

ui nevcer ever ever ever ever put wax in dreads

thats not nearly enough never evers top stress how important it is to never put wax in dreadsw

anyone who told u to put wax in aLSO told u wrong methods and bad advice

so start over from scratch like u know notVing

read dreaducation in main menuy

pick a new method

naturals best wax or crochet ever

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/08/12 10:23:02AM
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Drying your hair purposely for dreads, long term effects...

Dreading Methods

what is the method?

u want it dry but not too dry if too dry it can nget brittle and break easily

over drying will cause your scalp to rebel and itch but also fight back anmd over produce oiles and make u oily not dry

my concern is what method u think u will use that requires the hair to be so overly dry

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/08/12 01:21:55AM
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dreadlocks chat new version coming next week

General Talk

the new dreadlocks site beta chat is going to be fully released next week all bugs fixed all performance issues gone no lag no slow loads added a ignore feature more ppl (500 chatting at once instead of the 300 cap from old version)

new chat works on ipad iphone most cell phones and devices

its html5 based not flash so more customizable more advanced amnd improvable

basicly the old cht was scrapped and a whole new 1 created from scratch

u may have noticed i changed the styling of the chat especialy the popout chat

and next week after the full release and when im back he on my regular pc i may do some moree to really make it cool

so it may imjprove at least in looks even after th full release date

it took lil extra long to complete cause of all the feedback really helped perfect it

plus mqany features were added that werent planned in thoriginal design but were added cause ppl wanted them


aq neat feature will be after its done we can upload custom sounds so no more chirp it can be anythng we want!

updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 09:16:46PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/07/12 10:52:30PM
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natural dreads definintion

General Talk

not me if i was president id 1st abolish money then abolish the presidency haha

1st stop getting paid then fire myself

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/07/12 10:25:33PM
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natural dreads definintion

General Talk

it is enjoyable isnt it//

stress free

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/07/12 10:07:20PM
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natural dreads definintion

General Talk

thats a personal choice it wasnt meant to make you feel you should have natural dreads not any other just its more about those who call everey type dreads natural and the meaning becomes meaningless so nobody out there understands anymore that its even possible

like c21 stated and like i said many timese

when we began our dreasds we knew no other way

natural was the only way we knew

somehow he was lucky enougfh to never be exposed to dread kits and locticians till he found our site haha isnt that funny his 1st exposure was the 1 site recomending u avoid those things

well not the only site but for sure the best example of site telling the truth

anywho rambling..point was

no reason to start over if u dont feekl u need to

and if yoyr dreads are a mix of natural and backcomb you can just say this 1 is natural this 1 backcomb

the reral importance is that ppl are aware dreads can and do form naturaly with no interference at all

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/07/12 08:24:17PM
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natural dreads definintion

General Talk

a question i was just asked and an article i just read got me thinking

the article was about shampoo ingredients and how many shampoos say all natural but have cancer causing ingredients that are derived from natural ingredients like sls

now many salons call natural dreads any dreads not made with wax

wax sellers cal;l waxy dreads natural cause bees make wax

crocheters call that natural cause no chemicals were used

some locticians go as far as calling glued on waxed up extentions natural dreads just cause its hair not synthetic

so lets look at websters definition compared to classic arguments you get

natural is defined as: existing or occuring in nature without interference by man

occuring in natutre without interference by man excludes crochet backcomb tnr locticians etc

typuical arguments

anything man can dio is natural cause we can do it including splittting atoms living on chemical and geneticly enhanced foods and medicines etc etc

again atoim bombs and chemnicaly altered even manufactured molicules that dont occur naturaly in nature are not natural man made items are artificial because we have an abiklity to alter natural elements create molicules that do not naturally occur in nature

so just cause we can do it does not make it natural only things that happen without iour interference are

anopther argument states that if you seperate or even wash its not natural

this is reaching for straws ..arguing for the sake of arguing

why? the dreads dio occur withing thge realm of naturally occuring in nature seperating doesnt interfere as in creating thenm unnaturaly it just interferes in them creating themselves too thick

thats like saying the sun causing sun burns natural so standingf in shade to not get too burnt is unatural

just clarifying this is all

just so theres no misunderstandings

by definition wether dreads or ingredients in products the true meanning of the word has a specific definitiion

it is used improperly very often..mostly for marketting ..or to make people feel better about choices they make

but wouldnt we all benifit from lil more honesty? when yoiuy see all natural on a label wiuldnt u preffer that to mean something and know what you bought was really natural and not just chamical soup with 1 toxic ingredient thats a manipulation and curruption of a naturally occuring thinbg

sorta off the wall example but genetics ppl spliced a pot seed and a jellyfish egg to create a super potent pain killer striong u might be toio dumb tio take your hand out of a fire

now they can hall it a natural pain reliever cause its made from weed and jellyfish but do you see jellyfish mating with pot plants? no its not naturally occuring without human intervention so should not be called natural. on any lables

im not saying this to make those who dont have naturally occuring dreads to feel inferior in any way

the only reason the distinction is so important is that most ppl dont even know dreads do occur naturally

they thing you gotta pay to have em made

this hurts ecveryone who then ends up with sticky damaged dreads

it hurts the very understanding of dreads when the average man on the streeet thinks drweads are made by coating your head in wax or eggs or even dung

it hurts those who wantred dreads 10 years but thougfht paying 800 dollars to start then 100 every 2 weeks for life to maintain em was outragios and not worth it

let the definition fit let it ,mean dreads that occur without intervention so all people someday may know it is possible to dread without expensive salons and products

we do use the term natural surrender for dreads manipulated to start then surrendered to natural occurance after

that as an anology could be paving a parking lot thewn alowing the weds to poke througfh a forrest to take oiver and return to a natural state interfered but nature had its way anyway

updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 09:16:45PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/07/12 04:27:30PM
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Dread Maintenance

its alot like the soaps made from clay esential oils etc the diference is dreadlockshampoo adds beer to help maintain a superior hair Vealth and make it work in hard water

calling it mud and saying its made from dirt is sorta a gimik

its a special clay that is used in sowps like dreadlockshampoo

the clay attracts dirts and oils so removes em super easy

it is why i say soaps are the best out there so this is absolutely worth trying (whats the prices i didnt look)

but it doesnt have tVe beer so wouldnt be as good

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/07/12 04:15:21PM
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New Product from Dreadlockshampoo question

Dread Products

ah thats a prototype not even available on the site yet so your a guinipig

dont use spray bbottle for either!


pour a lil on your hgead and use fingertips to scrub scalp..omnly scalp

the gel

if u palm roll palm rill lil in if not put lil on your hands and run your hands down your dread u shouldnt need alot

im guessing tho ill have to get more info and instructions when i add it to the site'

but im in the hospitol now so might take a week or so

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/09/12 01:15:46AM
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would you cut your dreads for a million dollars? (very serious and real question)

General Talk

if u get 12 billion would u make a donation to the site? lol

dont gotta be much just since i was robbed couple weeks ago and had every cent i owned stolen.. and had to borrow money to pay off site expenses ..would help ..but not nesacary

but ..if u wana..wouldnt cut my dreads for it but would make sure u get a few nice gifts in the mail

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