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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/06/16 09:58:07PM
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"Coming out" to my family

Life Issues Facing Dreads

my mom for 15 years everytime i looked at her made scissor motions with her fingers, every conversation ..every single 1 mentioned cutting my hair

untill we went out xmass shopping in the mall and  conservative old ladies were surrounding me saying they never saw anything so beautiful and 1 in every 5-10 people who walked by stopped to say  they loved my dreads.. since then she only ever mentioned cutting once as a bribe

but this is what i see with family..they think youir dreading reflects badly on them..but when tthey see people praising your hair loving the way it looks they change their tune

right now shes loving how your hair looks

so dont say anything till she does then just remind her that she said she loved it throughout the messiest wildest stages and it only gets better from there..

and in the end just say 'my happiness with myself is what matters, its ok if you don't like dont have to  unles they form on your own head

they make me happier then ive ever been, so i hope you would want me to be happy

if not..well that says alot about you,

chances are she wil love it up till tye point that its clearly more dreads then not ..and she will still love it but say she doesnt cause in her mind thats what good parenting is.. making you not stick out  so you wont be picked on or olose out on opurtunities

ofcourse that doesnt happen as much as she thinks it will and when you prove you can hold down a good job a good relationship have many freinds and accomplish things  despite having dreads theres just nothing left she can say

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/05/16 11:30:51PM
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dreadlockssite maybe getting a new server with your help

General Talk

new servers needed more desperately then ever we have had many bad server issues the past several days

ive been franticly working 20 hour days both trying to find the best deal on the new server and fixing issues with this server.. literally been doing both at the same time

if im on the phone doing 1im on the pc doing the other and back and forth nonstop

on the plus side, we are getting closer to having the server, but it will be a lil more $ then we thought

still trying to cut a few corners or raise a couple hundred more

in a couple weeks we should have it all worked out

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/31/16 05:47:46PM
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dreadlockssite maybe getting a new server with your help

General Talk

almost all the details have been worked out, and it is definately happening (donations still are a huge help)

i may have managed to knock 1/3 off the price, i found a great server tech support volunteer whos eager to help

still trying to reduce the price a lil but we are now looking at just over 1100 well 12 the 1st month  then 80 after

it will be colocated in a server farm less then 30 miles from here with multiple redundancies for power network cooling etc etc

we hope to purchase it by april 15th so every donation we can get from now till then will help

it will switch over to the new server around the 1st of may..ish

we are alowing 2 weeks for configuring testing stress testing and tuning

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/30/16 04:53:51PM
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dreadlockssite maybe getting a new server with your help

General Talk

we have received a few donations so far, vicki will let me know what she can contribute later today, the next server payments due next week so its not likely we will have it worked out by then, however i just found out i do have a lil left over from an inheritence, wich i can borrow against if needed (leaving next to nothing to fall back on though) so, the goal is to get the funds together, build configure and test the server by the end of april and switch to it by may 1st at latest

this is doable though more donations coming in will certainly make it much easier. thank you all so much for your support

the goal is 1500 in 2 days we got 100

with 30 days to go, donations should help cover at least 1/2 i hope

i really appreciate the community support.. you know i will always do all i can for this community but it is wonderful to see the community givinggg back and helping secure a future.

this will guarantee that dreadlockssite is here to stay forever

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/30/16 12:48:47AM
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dreadlocks shampoo review new detox deep cleanse

Dread Products has done it again, this time with a new liquid deep cleanse shampoo thats bamboo charcoal based for a super deep cleanse that leaves scalp and dreads super clean and happy.

It comes in a smaller bottle then the lockin up liquid, a pump bottle in fact. its thick and rather concentrated a few lil blobs is all you need for a thick lather and deep penetrating clean.

I actually used it on my whole body yesterday and wowit was amazing, however the bamboo charcoal as an ingredients not cheap so thats not the best use of it.

want to know how clean it gets your hair?  I had a germaphobe freind over, he dropped by like 5 minutes after i got done washing my dreads so they were soaked, and ofcourse said something about how you can never really get dreads clean and theres all kinds of bacteria and germs  stuckk in them (not true ofcourse) so to prove him wrong, i put a thick 1 in my mouth and sucked the water out of it taking a nice big drink tasted filtered and delicious!

2 things to note, 1  i don't normally drink thye water in this house cause it tastes dusty and dirty, even after putting it throgh a britta filter, and 2 i used the shampoo on my scalp and top 4-6 inches then rinsed it through the rest, the part i took the drink from was 3/4  of the way down..down past my toes on the part that drags on the ground

after using the shampoo, the rinse water itself seemed cleaner ..more purified and as the name suggests  ..detoxified shampoos all clean super well but this stuff is really a dread detox that leaves them with a real pure clean, like nothing else could

charcoal is often used in water filters and purifiers and i can really say it does the same for purifying your dreads

note, like the charcoal bars, there is absolutely no scent, just pure clean

these are new products available now but not yet up on the site, expect them soon however

hopefully as soon as tomorow after i talk to her they will be up

the detox is probably best used every couple months instead of as an everyday shampoo, and can be really helpful on scalp and skin issues.

use sparingly when you require a extra deep cleanse ..its precious stuff don't over use it \

if you ever  get your dreads really dirty, with stuff you don't think will wash out easily then i would give this a try 1st and foremost because it really is an amazing superiour clean

this is probably the 1st product she didnt ask for my opinion on a name, and thats cause detox was the perfect name for it...

i feel pretty confident that it would wash out most really toxic stuff and still leave yyour hair purely clean

those who tried the charcoal bars loved them and hoped a liquid version would come out soon.. and now it has

just not similar to the lockin up liquid, if i had to compare it, id say its more like a clarifying shampoo, just not toxic like clarifying shampoos are

when you try it please add your impressions in replies

updated by @soaring-eagle: 07/06/16 10:59:33AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/29/16 08:53:42PM
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dreadlockssite maybe getting a new server with your help

General Talk

we had a couple great donations so far, the number of donations received is alot lower then expected however the ammount of each was alot higher then expected

a couple dozen more like that will really help a whole hell of alot!

the goals to buy a server that will cost about 1500 (less then i expected considering what we need) (thats the costs of the parts wich id then build, or 75-150 to have it built for me)

if we can get 2/3 in donations around the time the monthly server fees are due i can cover the rest (by not paying the monthly fee and using it for the purchase) i think i would have about a week to build configure test and move everything on to it without having to pay that months fees

been franticly attempting to find a more affordable solution for 6 months and this seems like the only way to go

vicki will be calling tomorow to see what she can contribute

its unfortunate that the next server payments in just 7 days so its not very likely we can pull it off in under 2 weeks, but i think its doable by next month

i will update as we get closer to our goal

thanks to all who donated so far, and to all who can soon

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/28/16 05:44:57PM
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dreadlockssite maybe getting a new server with your help

General Talk

for a long time i have spent way more then i can afford on server fees, but for what i spend in 3 months, we can have our own  server free and clear

i know how much this site means to everyone and how much you value honest info

i have been spending 3/4 of my income over the past year-2 (since couple months after site upgrade, the cost went up dramaticly over 1st few months as i realized what a site this large would require)

i need to be helping my family more with what im spending on the server right now, so i really need to reduce what im spending on the site and trying to live off 200 a month so i'm hoping some of you who appreciate the site can help contribute whatever you can

if every visitor who drops by donated 1$ or more we'd have it in no time
if anyone was able to donate a few hundred it could be paid back over a few months..

you know i don't mind spending 2/3 of my income on keeping the community going. when i can help you avoid costly mistakes, helping you is all the reward i hope for, but i need to spend less on the server now and help my family thats helped me so much instead.

if we can pull together enough to purchase a server my site costs can drop from 3/4 of my meager income to 1/6th

we have 5 people living off 1 income  so really need to put some of what i spend on the site into helping pay the bills

please consider donating anything at all so this site stops being almost impossible to afford. (it is so huge it has fairly high requirements before people start just suggesting cheap hosting alternatives, i have spent 6 months trying to find any more affordable alternatives, buying our owns the only solution)

i can manage 1/3 of the costs myself i think

im hoping if the tens of thousands of you who use the site, a few hundred or so can spare a dollar or more

you know i'd sell my blood if i had to to continue helping you the way i do...

this way i wont have to

updated by @soaring-eagle: 04/08/16 07:26:21AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/27/16 10:58:50AM
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Maturing Dreads?

Dread Maintenance

hmm i tried posting this twice ijn edge browser but didnt post so here goes again

your page says "natural shampoo"  what natural shampoo would that be?

if its not residue and conditioner free thats why they arent maturing, i recomend liquid which has sea salt for faster dreading

and ofcourse wax prevents dreading so if any wax was used even once when starting, you need wax b gone to get it out

also what tribe we have a native american dreaders group but id love a na gallery maybe then organized into albums by tribe

all throughout history too i think its the muskogee that had such amazing dreads?

can't remember

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/27/16 10:25:33AM
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Maturing Dreads?

Dread Maintenance

well wearing them up is preventing them from maturing!  let them look mesy down its the oly way to mature

when you say "looks like i dreaded them yesterday'  how were they dreaded?

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