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03/21/11 12:04:06AM
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Discrimination against dreadlocks in school hair wars on individuality

Life Issues Facing Dreads

Wow. I think people have gone completely psychotic nowadays. I don't agree with this one bit. Whether those students have dreadlocks for a cultural or religious reason or not, they have EVERY right to wear their hair as they please. To not allow someone to go to a school dance, to SUSPEND someone for a hairstyle? That's a joke. That's just close minded people with power exercising their right to be total dicks. I can understand if those students had bugs crawling out of their hair and smelling completely awful, but that wasn't mentioned anywhere so I assume that wasn't the case. I mean for the love of everything that's good in this world, a PUBLIC school should not have the right to punish students for personal choices that obviously are no harm to others. If my school told me I had to take my dreadlocks out, I'd shoot'em the bird and be on my way.
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