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Patrick Copelin
05/01/11 12:07:47PM
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"Why I Have Dreadlocks" Campaign Update

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All my life I was taught to live a certain way . Believe a certain GOD , get a certain job , speak in certain terms ..... basically conform to what society's interpretation of what successful living is (whatever that means) . All my life I've tried to abide by the law , live by these rules andin my doing so , I expected life to be a lot different . When some tragically personal issueshappened in my life , I became dissallusioned with everything that I'd been taught . I became self aware , and simply began to reject the conventional way of thinking . I decided to grow my locks because I wanted to reflect on the outside , what I was happening , and also what I was feeling on the inside of me . New growth . Manhood . GOD . Family . Purpose .
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