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dreadlocks shampoo

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01/02/11 08:51:29PM
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dreaducation, comprehensive guide to all things dready

Dreading Methods

I found the Dr. Bonner's thing funny too. I first heard of this in February as I was packing to go to Haiti (relief work). And had been wondering just randomly if you could use Dr. Bonners... Guess this answers my question. :)

Kellye said:
You know what i think is funny you mention drBonner's Soap alot. i've always used it to clean my piercings and sterilize them. It's a really small bottle though but i think i should try it for my hair one of these days. instead of my shampoo i've also been thinking of using the baking soda some guy i met at hurrican harbor told me to do that.

updated by @mel: 07/23/15 01:06:48AM
01/02/11 08:01:17PM
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dread Wax: Lesson learned. Not even ONCE. *updated with promised photo*

Dread Maintenance

Thank for this post. I'm dreading my hair on Saturday (YAY!!!!) and am very glad I found this before hand!
01/02/11 06:58:02PM
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elmers glue dreads

General Talk

I too am contemplating dreads and trying to find out as much as possible.. glad i found this. AVOID wax, got it. :)

Jon said:
I think the main reason why people do things like this is because they run into the first site and go "OMG I WANT DREADS!" then they run off and do this stupid crap without doing more research. IMO You should always research something that's going to change your life/look in a permanent way, instead of following the lemmings off the cliff. I was lucky that I ran into this site while I was obsessively researching dreadlocks.
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