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Jesse Hernandez
11/08/10 10:48:36PM
2 posts

What I have learned in nearly 2mos. of dreading...

Life Issues Facing Dreads

I get a little impatient.I decided to backcomb, only a few dreads stayed.I decided after most of it came apart to try a couple backcombed, a couple twist and rip, and a couple natural.So far I'm pretty hyped about maybe five dreads that seem to be locking.And on one dread it was made with only a little hair, but figured eighted(I don't know how else to say it) and got decent size, will this grow really slow, or just only be this thick at the top? It used to be about a foot long now it's only a few inches, maybe just two.I'm only about three months in, but I'm starting to find only natural knots stay, and the the natural knots grow, while the knots I start just come undone.But for the most part my hair just looks really nappy and wavy where it used to be straight.
Jesse Hernandez
08/08/10 05:09:33AM
2 posts

we all shaved or started over dreadheadhq/knottyboy dreads the right way, wonder why?

Dreading Methods

So my mom came across this site after I had started to get dreads, she and my friends had both tried to backcomb my hair on different occasions, about a day apart. But they weren't locking up. Some of my friends think I should use wax, which I now know I should steer clear of. But I can see why, it would be nice to have dreads in a day, or a few months even. But now my backcombed hair is at least sectioned out thanks to my mom. It clumps together in the sections still, about half a week later, and two days without rubberbands. But I have pretty straight hair, just a couple waves a the bottom. It was about a foot long, give or take an inch. I guess I just want an estimation of about how long it usually takes for a person with half-ass backcombed hair to have real, tight, dreads? I'll probably post a picture or two in a day or so. And if it matters I always have it back in an elastic headband my friend gave me, would this slow how long it takes to lock-up?
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