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dreadlocks shampoo

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Javier Cruz
08/05/11 02:56:22AM
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vinegar first:baking soda last?

Dread Maintenance

This is a discussion that I has not been brought up before to my knowledge.

Anyways, this something that I'm planning do, due to fact that I'm not to fond of the

smell of vinegar even though I use drops of oils in the mixture.

In my opinion, If one balances the other in a wash, then why not try it the other way?

I'm not suggesting it as a often or permanent routine.

vinegar wash, rinse, baking soda wash with oils, rinse again.

All I'm seeing is that I am cutting out the conditioning even if I use vinegar first.

all I'm looking for is that for my dreadlocks to smell great without the hint of vinegar lingering.

Commets? any experience with this?

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Javier Cruz
06/01/11 01:59:30PM
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JASON :Natural Products?

General Questions

I ran into this product at my local health food store where I buy my rosemary, tea tree, lavender oils. And the employees are always asking about my hair style and I reply I am going for a natural look and that I'm avoidingLauryl/Laureth Sulfates. Anyways the employee from the store talks about a this product that is suppose to be all natural and hasNo Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates in them.

What I am trying to get at is: Has anyone tried, review, seen this product before? If so.. What is your opinion and results about this product?

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Javier Cruz
11/21/10 11:04:01PM
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mineral oil

General Questions

Okay, so the over weekend I came across baby oil and read the ingredients, and they are as followed: mineral oil, aloe vera extract, fragrance, tocopherol (vitamin E)equated Baby oil is dermatologist, allergy and pediatrician tested. It is made with the highest grade mineral oil to form a silky barrier that prevents excess moisture loss.Hypoallergenic helps seal in moistureIm curious about this 'mineral oil'.What I want to know, will the mineral oil help to moisturize dreads or will it damage them?What I am looking for is something to keep my locs feeling soft. cause after a day or two of a good wash my dreads have a feel of dry/stiff to them.
updated by @javier-cruz: 01/13/15 08:50:20PM
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