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05/24/10 11:46:26PM
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How can I tell my mother that I'm getting dreadlocks?

Dreads in the Family

So my mother has had issues with her hair her whole life. It's very curly and poofy and she just hates it. She spends all the money she has(which is not much) on hair products- shampoos conditioners straighteners colors...When she got pregnant with her first(and only) girl(me) she prayed and begged that I would have straight beautiful hair... And I do. It's straight and silky and soft. But it has never felt like my hair. I dont like the blandness the color, anything.So I want to get dreadlocks. I know that she doesn't like dreadlocks and she probably thinks they're dirty and irreversible. So I need a way to explain to her why I'm getting them without crushing her feelings.I need advice please!! :)
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