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01/19/10 10:16:46PM
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I have quite a few questions about the natural method.

Dreading Methods

I wasn't going to do it the natural way in the beginning, but now that I have started my dready journey, I'm so glad that I did. I have super curly hair too, so I know where you're coming from. Yeah you're hair doesn't look too good for awhile, but you get used to it. You grow with your dreads, you really do. And it feels really good not to have every day be a battle with my hair. To dress up for work, I use a flat iron on unruly ends, and my hairs still locking up fine. I wear it up almost everyday and that helps with the curly fro business. It's totally up to you, but natural is totally worth it if you ask me.
11/28/09 06:08:32PM
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Hair Ties?

Introduce Yourself

My dreads are just starting to become visible, so I'm probably not the best expert, but I those claw clips often instead of a hair tie. They're looser and don't leave a crease.
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