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08/18/09 01:10:11PM
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Eyebrow piercings and Dreads

General Talk

From alot of pictures Ive seen with people and their dreads Ive noticed alot of people that have their eyebrow pierced as well,just wondering didn't any of you have a hell of a time with it?I had mine pierced as well but took it out after it being a pain in the butt for so long and then finally waking up to find it caught IN my dread,,, it was a bloody and painful mess. >.<of course,, mine were spiked,, not the best choice
updated by @iain: 01/13/15 08:25:48PM
08/18/09 12:43:17PM
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maintaining crochet dreads

Dread Maintenance

yeah the loops are bound to happen, at around the same time, I had all kinda of big odd looking loops and knots but give it time and it will come together nicely :)I have before and after pictures where when i look back at particular dreads i think to myself "wow its changed so much from looking like that to how it is now" the result is a much better dread.
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