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Maddi Bottini
06/29/12 06:37:30PM
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Dreadlocks Journey Emotional Support

This week i am one month into my dread journey. I had no help and it has been quite the process! I started with a little backcombing and some wax -__- stupid I know but I didn't use much and used two things of hair feels so much better without wax. For the better part of the first month I've let my baby dreads do whateve they want. No combing, no crochet, nothing like that. I do some rip and twist occasionally.but my main "concern" is my roots. I didn't really section my dreads out in a neat way, and at the back of my head, no matter how much I rip them apart after a wash, they seems to just want to all tangle together close to my scalp. And it looks kinda bad....will this correct itself? I really dont want congos. Please help! And I dont want to cut them apart like some have told me...doesn't seem like a good idea. Any advice is appreciated
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