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Hiba J
06/01/12 06:50:12PM
4 posts

beautiful inspirational dreadlock pictures

Dreadlock Picture Gallery


And dreads look good on Obama xD or he looks good in dreads even :p xD

Valrie said:

That Obama pic is truly awesome! I might print it up and frame it in my house. ;)

I have a hair board on Pintrest and this is one of the images that I came across and pinned there:

Hiba J
05/31/12 04:54:19PM
4 posts

beautiful inspirational dreadlock pictures

Dreadlock Picture Gallery

this is so lovely! only just started watching it. gonna watch the whole thing now :)

soaring eagle said:

well this is the "in the woods" i am refering to

We Love You from Jonathan Kalafer on Vimeo.

and yea u wwill meet hermits with dreads but also trolls (fire troll water tri=oll bridge troll (not under ) you will meet cosmic gypsies viking circus freaks space cowboys bearded women naked hillbilies with mohawks and facial tattoos playing folk versions of hardcore punk songs on banjos and washboards you;ll meet the clown thats wrunning for president (real name vernmin supreme check out the democratic primary results vern=min actualy got respectable votes) (concidering he ri=uns with a clown noe a boot fior a hat and a plastic ass outside his pants and caries a giant toothbrush)

you'll met angels and cheshire cats (floating smiles so big the person disapears and all yiu see is a great big grin flating by) you'kll meet old woodbeard the guy with the bark beard and the mud tribe and maybe a fairy dressed in only d=ferns and moss

you'll meet people who are more parts of the woods thenthe human race who talk to the flowers and trees you'll meet the earth the sky the moon the rain and become intimately involved with them

you';ll meet a butterfly or praying mantis that becomes your best friend fir the day you may meet a rattlesnake as a neighbour that grets you each day

you'll meet te rainbow the diouble rainbow the double rainbow round the moon or sun that sends a wild roar of rejoicing throughout the valley echoing from mout=ntain to mountain

you'll meet dreadies who arent even aware they hare dreadies just forgot to comb the hair (they will realize it someday when they look in a mirror) lets not forget the travelors looking to hitchike a ride on a ufo or pirare shuip oh ofcourse the pirates too the radical fairies the treetop dwellers the dig a hole to sleep in burrowers the crash by the fire in a cuddle puddle people those who can sleep on the river mbank or evencradled in a tree branch

the tipi tribes the shamans gurus geks and freeks

theres alotta colors in the rainbvow besides the hermits

i9n fact tgheres crabs turtles tres rivees frogs (these are just the nanmes) suitcases compasses (again still peoples names) soaring turket=ys you name uit

lets just say you neber know what u might find in them there woods

Sweet, said:

I love how you write 'in the woods' as thats were i intend to go at the end of bringing up my kids.

So i shouldn't be suprized if i meet some hermits with dreads there!


Hiba J
05/31/12 12:10:21PM
4 posts

Messy roots....

Dread Maintenance

wow that looks like a nightmare :O

but your dreads are pretty :)

Hiba J
05/30/12 07:17:37PM
4 posts

Natural Dreads Timeline Update!

Member Journals and Timelines

aw, your curly hair's so niccceee :o

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