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06/17/12 04:37:04PM
3 posts

Thinning crown

General Talk

I have a related problem. I'm letting my hair go natural and my sections have created a little spot on the back left side of my crown area where you can see my scalp. I hope it will just even out cause I'm letting my hair just do what it wants to.
06/12/12 11:12:40PM
3 posts

Natural section question

Introduce Yourself

Hello everyone! Just a quick question. I'm one month in and have around 10-15 nice little dreads forming (pics tomorrow) but at the roots the sections are flat like a line instead of squared or close to it as I'm aware true natural beauties are all unique. Will this potentially lead to flat dreads or what? Thank You!
updated by @hollach: 01/13/15 09:28:31PM
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