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Shannon Roman
04/30/14 10:33:18AM
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A new TV series with the intention to dispel the myths and stereotypes around people with dreadlocks

Dreads as Community Leaders/Builders

I'm not sure if my particular story is what you would be looking for. I'm a 30 year old, white, Christian woman. I've had natural dreadlocks for 2 years now, and my 4 year old daughter has 1 dread that has formed in her very short curly hair. She plans on having her hair turn into dreads so she can "look like Mommy". I hold two Associate Degrees, and studied to be a Sign Language interpreter, but didn't finish my certification due to finances and familial obligations. I am currently a stay-at-home mom that makes eco-friendly jewelry ( Eco-Chic Jewelry ), and I sell at our local farmer's market alongside my 4 year old who decided to start her own business ( Shula's Art Gallery ) and sells her art. Dreadlocks for me was an anti-style choice - it mirrored the natural lifestyle we were already living, and it represented the utmost natural hair without the assumptions of societal pressures. It was a deep spiritual journey that made me come to realize my beauty and worth were deeper than my physical appearance, and even encouraged me to stop wearing make-up. At the time I began my dreadlock journey, I knew no one who had dreads. So, it was a very deep and personal choice without outside influence. People often assume that because of my dreads, I smoke weed; and though I have nothing against it when used medicinally, I personally do not smoke. I don't like labels (though, I used a few for the sake of describing myself), and am often called a hippie, which means something different to every person that uses that label. I live pretty humbly and simply, and would eventually like to travel as a lifestyle with my family. My husband is hispanic, a veteran from the Marine Corps, an ex-cop, and we both worked in ministry together for awhile. We believe in eating a whole foods/ plant based diet, and working on our love and compassion towards all living beings - showing our love for God through our acceptance of others.

Shannon Roman
01/23/13 03:18:10AM
2 posts

Knotted Dreadlock Wraps - How Do You Make Them?

Dread Accessories

I would LOVE to see your video!

Nichole Currier said:

I have a few different ways i wrap mine, and my friends dreads, if you still need a video i can make a few when i have down time with the kid, later tonight, on a few wraps i do.

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