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04/28/12 04:00:03PM
2 posts

Shea butter for dreads?

Dread Maintenance

Hi. My hair is very prone to dryness so I've started putting African shea butter in my locks. Someone recently told me that this can damage dreads. What do you guys think about shea butter for locks. If it is harmful, what is another way I can moisturize my locks without damaging them?



updated by @jewel: 01/13/15 09:24:44PM
04/06/12 03:09:53PM
2 posts

Dread Insecurity

Life Issues Facing Dreads

So I've had my dreads for about a year now. As much as I hate to admit it, I still feel pretty insecure about them a lot of times. Does anyone else experience this / has experienced this? If so what did you do to get over it? Do you still have dreads? Do you still have those feelings?

updated by @jewel: 02/14/15 08:21:12AM
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