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03/31/12 07:45:51AM
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who i am and what i want

Introduce Yourself


i'm michael. living in germany. just enjoying live.

would like to wear dreads and could need some help to decide which method i should use :)

i hope you can help me to decide which method is best for me. to help you helping me i will post some photos to show you the style i would like to wear.

i dont like thick dreads so much so i want something like this:


my hair is not that long right now. it's between 14 and 16 cm. but its curled so it looks much less.

so i think in the beginning it will look like this:

which i also like ;)

i searche dthe web a already a few days ago but couldnt find picutres that i liked. today i found them by coincidence. thats why so many of the pictures show the same person.

well, i hope you can help making some beautiful dreads =)



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