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05/26/11 08:48:57PM
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New dreadlocks, where do I go from here?

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Hello there. I just recently gave myself dreads and I have a few questions. I've had my dreadlocks for about a week and I used the twist and rip method to put them in. I sectioned my hair into 1 inch by 1 inch sections (more or less...) and I put them in rubber bands to start. I just recently took all my bands out though and have been pretty much letting my hair do what it pleases. Some of my dreads are locking up pretty nicely and others are falling apart. I don't really mind. My hair is also pretty frizzy and I have stray hairs flying all over the place. I don't really mind this either. It's all part of the process I presume. I only have a few small problems/questions. I have somewhat thick hair, however when I sectioned my hair off I only formed about 23 dreads. Is this normal? My hair is also parted down the side so the right side of my head is full of dreads and the left side looks so skimpy! My sections are large but my dreads look so small so my scalp looks bear with tiny little dreads popping out like crazy. I am hoping that this will go away once they expand and mature. They will expand to the size of the section, right? Will this happen naturally? I want to let my hair mature on it's own. I don't want to backcomb, crochet hook, or use any other harmful products. Over time they will start to lock up without these products, right? I just want to make sure so that they don't fall out. Also I am using Organix shampoo which is all natural and residue free. I wash my hair approximately every other day. Should I be washing more often? Less often? Ugh. I was also considering just taking my dreads out and starting all over except trying the all natural method instead. I have heard that is the best way to get dreadlocks and it is very healthy for your hair. It would also allow me to get a lot more dreads, right? I don't really know if I like having only 23... I wish I had more. Any suggestions? Your help is greatly appreciated!
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