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08/07/12 03:06:21PM
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6 months and here I am. [Now Inc.a minor update]

Member Journals and Timelines


So here is my progress after 6 months.
No before picture sorry, you will just have to imagine undershoulderblade length wavy hair.

Dread wrapped this today:


Also known as Squiggly.

Another established dread:

One of the annoying ones on the back of my head:

The rest, all in various stages. Some normal, some baby dreads:

Was hoping for the sides of my head to be more dreaded by now but it looks like it will take another 6 months.

EDIT 22/08/2012:

Since the last update some of the 'side' dreads have gone a bit crazy and started knotting, loops everywhere.
Some still remained knotproof.

So decided to give TnR a go on one of the undreaded ones. It had a few minor knots at the bottom but nothing to worry about, anyway then came this rather happyaccident:

From root to about half way it is nicely dreaded. I actually expected it to fall out over night as it was myfirstgo but it has actually held together really well.
I got to a point whilst making it that it didnt appear to want to dread anymore, apon a very quick investigation it appears whathappenedwas as I got the the middle point the 'minor' knots I mentioned earlier decided to take hold and I ended up with the bottom part beginning to lock up.
Ending up with the above. Which I like to call my bird cage.

I really like how it turned out even though it was an accident.
Will finish the bottom half later.

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07/31/12 06:29:55PM
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Separation - uh oh!!

Dread Maintenance

I have this issue and its a bloody annoyance but finally sorted it today!

Much like you I had 2 dreads that had formed into a matted clump at the roots.
Thankfully, I was able to find the area where they had joined, about an inch long section from the roots.

What I did was find weaker spots and wiggle my little finger in between toseparatethe dreads a little.
Doing this several times up the knot till I was able to pull away small amounts of hair from the bottom of the hair, slowly working my way up the clump.

About 45 mins, some popping/snapping sounds and a headache later the clump is no more and I have twoseparateddreads :D
Only bad thing is they both lost some form in the splitting and I lost a few bumps I was rather fond of but Im sure the now loose hair will re-dread back in quickly.

Unfortunatelyfor me one of the two dreads has combined with another set of hair which is well knotting but unlike the above case there is nodefinitivejoin between them that I can find. (I think that attempting toseparatethem would result in destroying both of them)
Quite tempted to allow them to join and make a fatty as I think separating them would be a far worse headache

04/16/12 05:24:24PM
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How many guys have dread beads?

Dread Accessories

I want to put beads in my hair but so far my dreads are not thick enough for the glass ones I have.

Go for it, its not feminine.
Plus I find the ladies love it.

02/08/12 06:22:12PM
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Starting out & tying hair back.

Dreading Methods


Looking to start getting myself knotted, likely the natural way. (Cant do TnR myself and know of no one whom can do it)
My hair is currently half way down my back, not sure the length but pretty damned long (been a long hair for 6 years now) and knots incredibly easy, so the process may be slightly more accelerated than some.

However, Im constantly on the move at work and alway have my hair tied back to keep it out of my face.

I am lead tobelievethat this would be bad for natural dreads, as the hair cant move much and/or may morph into one massive dread.
What alternatives are there to the standard hair tie that I could use as not to hinder the dreading but also to help keep my hair out of my face.

Thanks all.
(Been reading the forums and "Dreaducation" for the passed 2 hours now, very informative!)

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02/08/12 05:16:02PM
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Hello there, I do not have dreads. Yet.

Introduce Yourself


Reppy from Wales here, looking into getting myself knotted.

Been wanting dreads for a long time but never really go around to it and got tired of sifting through the seemingly mountains of misinformation regarding dreads.

However after seeing many a dreadhead in the Alestorm gig I was at last night, I just dont want to hold off any longer!

Been a long hair for over 6 years now, terminal length is about half way down my back (disappointed it is not longer), its time for a change.

My hair knots something crazy (have to brush at least 3 times a day) so this may be quickish.



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