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Carissa H
01/20/12 01:58:22AM
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dreaducation, comprehensive guide to all things dready

Dreading Methods

I think that was beautiful and so true. I just found this site and I'm so happy that I did because it has all the information I wanted in the first place. I've only had mine for a little over a week, and I've been trying to take info I had gathered from the" pay" sites and modify it, not sure if it was working out because. I have loose hairs at the roots and they spiral, which they make seem like they're wrecked. So thank you for giving us real information and recognizing the beauty in imperfection.

soaring eagle said:
you wish you did this you wish you didnt do that you wish every thing was just alittle different.. this is pretty typical of alotta ppl
your dreads came outr devine
you can wish things were different as much as u want but you cant argue with results..
some things you can change ..and maybe ya should.. other things are what they are and ya can be happy woth em that way..
is there really any reason to wish you didnt start with layers when today your dreades are so damn sexy?
when mine started it was almost kinda a mullet
but so what.. they turn out the way they torn out eventualy
layers disapear imto knots and lumps and bumps
bu the time your a yeasr or so into it theres no way to even guess what ya started off from

when i was younger..much younger..i had a lil thing with this woman i met ..mostly cause i was so taken in by her lifes story and what she was going through at the time and all.. but
we wernt together long but i remember she had a greal body, but really felt alotta disatisfaction about herself and her looks (mostly stemming from a very abusive relationship) she focused so much on insignificant details.. a almost hiden mole and a wrinkle you couldnt even see (i still think she imagined it) extremely minor thonfs, like comparing the shape of body parts to pther celebs and supermodsels and alwaysd feeling inferiur
i didnt realize it at the tiime since i pay no attention at all to like idols and celebs and such but last year i found out she was actualy well known and had been voted 1 of the top 10 sexiest women in films of all times

the whole point of all this (4 am babbling sorry) is that theres never any point in wishing things were different, insignicant things like a hairstyle or a freckle or a mole when yiur totaly unaware of all the things you have that are so right.. dreads so beautoful they suite you perfectly.. noone has dreads like yours..they are absoluteluy perfect for you

and wether echo chooses to start now, or trim away the layers wont matter..thety will be perfect for her

im not gonna tell her wht way to go.. all im gonna say wont matter expecialy if you simply choose to be satisfied with how you start them

she could shave bald and let them grow from nothing..(please donnt u have such amaasing hair that will dreade like crazy)

whatever u choose to do..just choose to be happy with it

it will tirn out lovely

sorry for the babble


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