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03/26/12 11:28:44PM
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Just Wanted to say hi and thanks!

Introduce Yourself

hi everyone!First and foremost I'd like to thank Soaring Eagle for creating this great site and sharing your knowledge with us along with all the other great posters here :)A little about me, I've always wanted dreadlocks but always hearing about wax and all that just didn't make sense to me. Plus I didn't want them overnight. Then I saw an interview with the lead singer of underoath and how he said he just got tired of brushing his hair and his dreads looked great!Which brought me here to start my journey :)I don't know exactly when I stopped brushing but it's been 2-3 months I think, here are some pics I just took. with two of my favs so far![IMG] [/IMG][IMG] [/IMG][IMG] [/IMG][IMG] [/IMG][IMG] [/IMG]Hopefully this turns out okay as I'm doing it from my phone!Thanks again everyone!Sean
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