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08/06/22 09:36:42PM
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New dreads and new job anxiety

Dreadlocks Journey Emotional Support

I've loved this site as a reference and inspiration but see it hasn't gotten the love it used to... 

I've wanted dreads for a long time and started dreading last year but combed them out at the three month stage because they got very unruly and I started getting anxious out in public.  I've never been big on hair maintenance (wash and go) so having separate twice a day was tiring and more work than I was used to!  But, I know that eventually calms down and I'm willing to put in the effort so I don't get huge congos.   

Now, I have decided to embrace dreadlocks again but am also starting a new job and know in a few months all that anxiety will rear it's ugly head again.  I am hoping I can learn to live with the baby messy stage which did bring me plenty of joy and that my new job won't see it as a problem.  

11/19/21 01:03:09PM
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A new chapter

Introduce Yourself

Hi, hope some are still active on this forum.  I've lurked around a long time and have finally decided to start my dread journey.  I've loved dreadlocks for a long time but the thought of parental and social comments kept me from taking the leap.  I'm so glad I didn't because at that time I can clearly remember also being put off by all the work waxing and rolling and sectioning looked.  Years later I stumbled on this site and realized how easy real dreads were but didn't fully embrace my hair and kept cutting it very short for ease of maintenance.  In October 2019, I vowed to not cut my hair and let it grow out for two years.  Here we are and in an odd turn of event, we lost running water for a few days so I set down the brush and in under a week, I already have my first dread knotting up!

I know I'm late to the game, but I wanted to say thank you for everyone who has been willing to post thoughts and photos of their own journey.  You have kept me inspired despite the self-consciousness that nags in the back of my mind.  

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