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bryan 809
08/30/19 07:00:13AM
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Help! Save My Dreads

Hi i started my dreadlocks 3 moths ago. I got my dreadlocks done with the crochet hook metod. I actually do maintenance on my dreadlocks 1 time every 3/4 weeks. Lately i actually stopped doing maintenance at the roots and just do it at the "body" and the top of the dreadlock. Now that's a pic of my head now. I see that little "empty" spot on my sculp, I'm scared of that being traction alopecia or balding coming form over tension on the roots even tho i'm not touching them. Can you guys tell me if that's just normal coming from the hair there being inside dreadlock roots all around that spot or if i'm balding or damaging too much or having traction alopecia. Thanks in advance plese HELP !!!

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