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Holly Doran
10/28/17 07:45:44AM
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Strange 'residue' on my scalp

Dread Maintenance

I have had dreads for a while now, long enough for my scalp to acclimatise, but I am still getting a kind of residue building up on my scalp when I leave it more than 3 days to wash my hair, I think it is just my scalp skin cells with natural sebum but when I scratch my head it comes off quite thickly under my nails - kinda ewy. I do a lot of sport so I suppose it gets quite hot up there a lot. I don't think this residue is visible until I physically scratch it off, but I want to know if this is normal, and if possible how I can prevent it? My worry is that on thicker dreads it will be getting into the middle of the dread and if I don't wash my hair so thoroughly by accident it might be doing something nasty in there. 

Any help would be FAB ⭐️

- I have caucasian, very thick, straight, long hair naturally

- I have never used wax or any other type product

- I spray diluted tea tree oil in my hair maybe once or twice a week on my scalp, and occasionally rosemary oil too.

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