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06/09/17 01:46:44PM
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So far my experience is amazing I love the whole process right now.. It awesome how dreads Congo together. It makes one appreciate the process more. I have 89 dreads so far.. So when said and done might have more or less depending how many Congo..they are coming along nice and I excited for the journey ahead
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updated by @benjamin-newman: 06/09/17 01:46:52PM
05/17/17 09:02:51AM
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Benjamins dread journey

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Hello this is my 1 month update to my dreadlocks wool rubbing / neglect method... I rubbed my hair with wool for about a month now I'm just letting them so their thang..
Only thing I do is wash, sea salt and seperate... Here's the progress so far
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updated by @benjamin-newman: 05/17/17 09:02:59AM
04/27/17 05:08:06PM
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Okay so I have tried must of the dreadlock shampoos dollylocks, vital goods, superdreads, they all said that they were residue free mind you I was using seed size amounts of liquid and still was getting residue... So I just did the acv wash monthly. Fast forward a year new dread journey @soaring-eagle recommended shampoo from his website I ended up getting the liquid locking up tea tree version.. Wow I'm completely amazed got the shampoo today and tried it out... Let me tell you what; my hair feels weightless in a good way.. No residue left in my hair at what. normally I would just feel the weight of residue after those other shampos. Will post later result as well thanks @soaring Eagle
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