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04/20/17 12:59:15PM
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Help! My beautiful dread babies went from vienna sausages to pencils!

Help! Save My Dreads

☮ soaring eagle ॐ:

-twisting and locticians (especially if they ever interlocked them) are the cause of the thinning  freeforming (without pulling hairs out of them) is the cure

they are already thick so wouldn't combine them

but if you watch the progression of  salon "locs" (they can't even spell locks right) you will see they make the sections on average 4-5 times bigger then the intended dread  then all the twisting thins  not only the dread to 1/3 the section size on average  but then the sections themselves thin as the gaps they call parts (which are not parts but traction alopecia whether mild  or severe) parts have 10 follicles per mm  the traction alopecia  salons cause on purpose tends to have 4-5 mm without a single live  hair follicle so these gaps widen  as the sectons shrink.. the thinning between dreads may not be bad if you let them recover for 6 months  but the sections were still thinned and will have to row more  in order for the loose hairs to reinforce the dreads (or form baby dreads between) 

you re on the right track by no longer twisting or letting locticians touch you ..but you have to stop pulling out hairs and give them several more months to recover

every 3-4 weeks is extreme! it takes 3 months to recover from 1 retwisting and if ou retwist again a that 3 months  they don't fully recover  enough that  eventually they will have issues

every3 weeks for 2 1/2 years is enough to  cause plenty of harm but should be easy enough to recover from withoit doing anything extra esides stopping the twisting

sorry keyboards actng up

thank you so much! you have been a tremendous help to me. 

04/20/17 12:30:42PM
2 posts

Help! My beautiful dread babies went from vienna sausages to pencils!

Help! Save My Dreads

Hello. I have had my locs for about 3 years and have noticed a drastic difference my hair’s thickness. They are pretty much half the size that they initially were. Seeing as how my initial goal was the have thick locs, this is very disappointing. I cannot get to the cause of this although I have a few theories:

* I went too long without retwisting. I used to get them done every 3-4 weeks, but decided to freeform so I went about 3-4 months. I used to have large parts/sections, as this equals more hair going into the dread, but I have noticed that the sections are REALLY small now. Idk if this was done by the loctitian out of confusion due to so much new growth, or if it is normal for the sections of my hair to get smaller as my locs mature

* I wear my hair up too much. I don’t like the feeling of hair on my neck so until about 6 months ago, my hair was ALWAYS up

* I do not cover my hair at night

* I pulled hair out of my dreads. When I was attempting to freeform, I found myself playing in my hair A LOT. I pulled hair of my already formed dreads and also experienced some hair loss at the roots.

Is there any way to fix this problem without combining locs? I really like the number of locs that I currenly have. I just want my hair to go back to the way it was before I was neglectful.

I added some pics in hopes that you can see the difference in thickness over time.

I also have a journey album on fb if you'd like to check it out here:


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