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Oregon William
03/05/17 03:08:55AM
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need help. hair loss!

Help! Save My Dreads

For a while I constantly was trying to tighten my dreads at the root. I did this for the majority of the life time of my dreads, thinking that's how you're suppose to treat your locks. Recently I had figured out that just letting them grow without the constant maintenance is the way to go. I have some space between my dreads that had become increasingly concerning to me. On the top of my head there's some scalp showing. I haven't used any products except my regular shampoo which I have just switched out with dollylocks shampoo. Also i find that my head itches sometimes with red spots on my scalp, kind of like a rash or something. I really love my locks and don't want to lose them, I'd love to keep them for life if possible, but the spots on my head are going to serve as a road block for lifetime dreads. Please help, any and all positive advice is appreciated.
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