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Theldja Ramlagan
09/22/11 06:52:50PM
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Aloe Plant

Dread Maintenance

hii i have a question..

I'm from a very hot country so i have to shampoo my hair as often as i can. i can go 3 days then it starts to itch.

anyways, i am approximately 3 weeks into my locs and it it shaping up ok for the short space of time since i do not naturally have soft silky hair.

My ques is what exacty is the process if i strain the real aloe plant and put in my hair... Do i have to shampoo out immediately or can i leave it in? Keep in mind my concern is humidity and if aloe will eventually make my hair smell?1

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Theldja Ramlagan
09/22/11 02:48:53PM
2 posts


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Weh's de scene :D (that's yo' in trini dialect:)

joined the site to get my locs on, and to see the vibes of the ppls here!

Feel free to add me, hail me out, etc.. i don't bite:))


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