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05/04/16 02:40:21PM
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Wooden babies: dreadlock beads made by hand, with love

Dread Accessories

Hello beautiful dreadheads :-)

We are Rowan and Joseph. We're from the Netherlands but living in Hungary at a farm in the forest, together with our hairy fami ly :-)
To make some money to keep this family running, we make beads for dreadlocks out of wood. We don't want to become rich; we just try to make this life the best life ever, and to do whatever we can to make others and ourselves happy.

We hope it's ok if we share our dread beads over here with you. We're brand new on this forum so I hope you guys don't see this as spam - if so, I can understand that this post needs to be deleted.
I just wanted to share this since every coin will be helpfull, since our donkeys, cats, pigs, chickens, dogs and goats are always hungry. ;-)

You can find our wooden babies over here:

Thank you so much for supporting us. Feel free to come over if you ever cross the Hungarian puszta :-) We get volunteers from all over the world and would love to meet you too!

With love,

Rowan and Joseph
Farm az Noah

PS Sorry again if this isn't allowed, if not, just delete our post!

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