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Heather Euphemia
11/04/14 04:14:45PM
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not enough dreads?

Help! Save My Dreads

Hi, I've had my dreads around 4 months now and I'm not entirely happy with the way they are looking :( I only have around 31/32 but now I'm starting to worry if I have enough. They are definitely dreading up okay, however when I wear my hair down it looks really sparse so I'm tying it back a lot.

Basically, is 30 dreads enough? Or will they end up really thick? My hair isn't naturally that thick as I have blonde, Scandinavian like hair. Would it be a bad idea to take some out and start over seen as I am close to the 6th month mark?

I just want the straggly look to go away and my hair to look healthier!

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