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Courtney Santos
08/07/14 08:51:22PM
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So much breakage :(

Help! Save My Dreads

My dreads are about 2 years old and I have so much breakage (which seems to get worse and worse) that it looks like my dreads have sand in them, plus my hair is being pulled out with the root bulb still intact which adds to the dirty look.

I'm about to cut my dreads off cause they are starting to look really gross. Which is my fault for all the mistakes** I've made.

Any suggestions or someone talking me out of it would be great.

**mistakes i've made:
Started the dreadheadhq suggested way, backcombing and rubber bands for the first month.
Palm rolled like crazy for the first 6 months.
Used a crochet hook to add in extensions and pull in loose hair.
Dyed, dyed, dyed, bleached, and dyed again.

I also used diluted Dr. Bonners (1oz to 9 oz water) which I don't know if good or bad but sometimes my dreads feel kinda sticky or something.

Please no negativity or judgement. I'm frustrated enough.

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