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JoJo minx
05/04/14 09:54:46PM
2 posts

dreadlocks changing more than your hair

General Talk

I'm only 6 weeks in and everything is changing I have heaps more confidence, I feel "normal" I feel sexier, my relationship has improved, as my partner finds it more attractive and looks at me in a different way now, the energy between us has changed, I'm feeling more patient, and like someone else had said I feel like I need to now eat better and alter my body inside and out as well. And on a stranger note, I have always had paranormal or spiritual I call it activity around me from time to time, but I have felt a huge increase in this activity, I'm actually now going to find a way to get my own little time outs from this as it is extremely draining, so yes in 6 weeks my entire life has flipped on its head, and for the better, I welcome the change xx
JoJo minx
05/04/14 09:35:12AM
2 posts

dreadlocks lice treatment and prevention - all natural

Dreads Hair and Scalp Health

I have 5 children and I did use lice shampoo years ago on my kids and it was a waste of money it didn't even kill them, I now use rubbing alcohol, it works brilliantly I just put it at the roots and cover the head with cling wrap, leave for 20 mins and wash out, kills every last one, then repeat 3days later, and then I just spray their hair daily with tea tree and water in a spray bottle to keep them away.
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