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04/06/12 11:11:18PM
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letter to employers concerning dreadlocks

dreads jobs employment issues

Thank you for this S.E. As a husband and grower of natty congos (baby stage, started using my own dreading method and going free forming for more than a month for the first time) I am having a hard time looking for a job (I reside in S.C.). Though there are laws that are supposed to protect the religious right of a person (freedom of religion as based on the constitution) the reality is that companies often times discriminate on the base of "personal" appearance. I have had groomed locks 4 times with each time lasting more than 2 years, this time I am not growing dreadlocks for style, and though I am a Biblical Christian, I have taken the vow of the Nazarite as in the Book of Numbers chapter 6. It is really hard at the moment for me to keep my head up based on the persecution of this Holy lifestyle and vow, especially when it comes to the right of being able to provide for my family, but God comes first and foremost, and my wife respects my decisions and knows my sincerity when it comes to living a life pleasing to God. We live in a hypocritical system, and anyone who wants to partake in the life of naturalness must understand that this is unfortunately something normal to deal with. I am fully bilingual in both spanish and english, almost done with my college degree in Computer Science with work experience in I.T. (2 years of experience, mostly on hardware related stuff). I learn and adapt quickly and have a very high standard for ethics, morals, values, equality and respect.

09/02/11 11:13:34AM
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Love your dreads and they will love you back!

Dreadlocks Journey Emotional Support

Excellent! This is the reason why I joined this website! Keep it up, this will help those in the struggle for growing their crown naturally!!!

updated by @dreadiej2: 07/22/15 05:38:24AM
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