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James Rader
04/24/14 09:22:22PM
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A new TV series with the intention to dispel the myths and stereotypes around people with dreadlocks

Dreads as Community Leaders/Builders

Hey I'm James rader from Jackson Mississippi and I was responding to your post with dreads and jobs so here is a quick detail of me and what I do. I'm a 24 year old white guy and I'm a medical massage therapist. I went into business with my friend Abraham( he is from New Orleans )which is black male with dread locks and a white female laura( is also from New Orleans ) which doesn't have dreads, so needless to say we are a diverse group. We graduated massage therapy school roughly 2 years ago and started our business just months after completing school, we are located in downtown jackson,ms Which is nothing but suit wearing employees and snobby bosses of large corporations walking around. But when we went Into business together we felt like we brought something to the table that most business don't have and that is diversity, realness and love. Most people were hesitant to walk through our doors due to me and my buddy's dreads but then others embraced it and appreciate the diversity and soon learned how great of people we are but I guess I was just lettin u know a little down low on me and my business, if your are interested in hearing more details please respond and my business partner Abraham who has dreads has a degree from university of New Orleans in anthropology and Laura does also which she does not have dreads and for myself well I dint have a degree but I'm a great guy and am respected by all my clients so yea I figured our story fitted your description of what u were lookin for ha so write back any time man and thanks for your time... Pura vida!
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