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04/05/14 11:41:20AM
12 posts

Crotcheting damages hair

crochet and dread tools recovery

One of my dreads right in the middle of my forehead was too big - the section was almost an inch and a half and I was worried that in time it will grow fatter and then I'd have a big horn to deal with.

It took me three hours to undo it because it'd been so tightly crocheted. I couldn't have been more careful and yet I lost a lot of hair. And the hair I lost was in little pieces because it'd been broken by the crochet hook.

updated by @ratty: 01/13/15 10:03:08PM
04/03/14 09:23:27PM
12 posts

Teachers with dreads

dreads jobs employment issues

Are you a teacher with dreads? Was it hard getting a job?

And are there any primary school teachers with dreads from the UK on here?


updated by @ratty: 01/13/15 10:03:04PM
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