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Johnie Kraning
03/05/14 10:37:43AM
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dreads on a boat

General Questions

haha no no, i am not offended at all! i expect this reaction from time to time.

first off, if i did it for the money, id be a fool.
as for the fishing itself. I am definitely a believer in a circle of life with a carnivorous aspect, but I believe it is a circle of life, and the reason that I fish for food and not for sport. one of my biggest problems with parts of alaska is the half of the population that are the reason for the word "game" in the term fish and game. i know that you are passionate about this, and i completely respect that and wouldnt even want you to ever change that perspective. however, if you are interested just for knowledges sake, you might look into the differences between farmed fish and the efforts that people with your perspective as well as mine have made to combat the senseless slaughtering and devastation of nature. that being said, you and i still wont likely agree, and thats ok :)

and i appreciate your concerns about the risk as well!

sailing must have been incredible. i can't imagine the magic that must have been to grow up like that. so cool!!

I had never been on a boat like that til last summer. had never seen nature in its fullness like that. had never lived so simply and worked so purely. so for me, it really is an adventure.

so back to my little dreadies. haha!
is there a style of wrapping/weaving/placing in a hat that might help minimize the tangle? if i changed up the way i store them and make sure i work them each night and pull them apart and all that?
what about blow dryers? i always let my hair dry in the sun, but on the boat its fairly cold and often raining. are blow dryers bad for dreads??

thanks SE!

Johnie Kraning
03/05/14 01:53:08AM
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dreads on a boat

General Questions

Hey guys!

Have an exciting adventure I am about to begin. I work in the summers on a fishing boat in alaska, but this is my first year heading out there with my baby dreads. I am 6 months in, and i am loving them more than and more each day, and i am wondering if I should be concerned about them this summer. Now, so you all know. They boat life is busy, and there is no showering. Last summer, it was 90 days. We came back 3 times, but the longest time out there was 7 weeks, and this summer it could be longer than that.

My concern is two fold.

The first is the salt. What is the good and the bad for the salty air and water in my dreads? My initial plan for that is to bring my own tub of water (which I can fill each day) and just be diligent at finding time to wash the salt out every other day.

The second is that there is so much fish/seaweed/scales and the works flyin around all day long, that I don't want it to get inside the dreads, so I am going to make sure I am wearing a a hat and keepin my locks tucked up good and fish free. The problem is that (if I manage to keep the fish out of my hair) I still have my hair crammed in a hat for 16-20 hours a day. Last summer, by the end of it, my non-dreaded hair was so knotted and matted that it took 1 week, 4 showers, a good 14 hours of my own work, three friends and a momma to help get my hair free again.

Long story short, I want to keep these beauties healthy. Any advice, thoughts or experience are much appreciated!!

Thanks everybody!


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Johnie Kraning
10/16/13 03:50:05PM
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Month old dreads - wax recovery

dread wax and dread kits recovery

hey guys,
like so many others i found this site way later than i wish.
so i took some advice from people who seemed to know what they were talking about/done it before...
now ive spent a little over a month with wax and other dread head hq methods. I waxed maybe 5 or 6 times, palm rolled every couple days and back combed 3 times. But i think one of the worst tips i was given was tight rubber bands at the tips of them all. now my hair is twisted and knotted in some nasty ways. and its sort of more established in individual, tiny dreads then i would expect for this early. i was considering just starting over... but when i tried with coconut oil and a brush i just ended up pulling out massive amounts of hair because of the way its knotted.

so i have been pulling my hair apart to wash out the wax with hot water and wax removal to try to make sure its all out. but its hard to know whether or not ive really gotten it all.
my hair seems to be dreading in some funky ways. lots of loops and knots and clumps especially near the tips where the rubber bands were. my hair is normally fairly wavy, but not this much... im just not sure how much of it is a result of the way i started and how much of it is just part of the natural progression, or maybe even just for my hair type.
I have also considered trimming the ends where it is clumped up, to make sure i get rid of any nasty was spots because my hair is about 12-14 inches long so i have some length to spare.
any thoughts?? thanks guys!

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