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joseph oahu
09/06/13 12:57:36PM
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HELLO from honolulu

Introduce Yourself

Hi everyone. I have lurked around on this site for some time, and recently began to put together aTIMELINE on the forum here and my own YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Please check them both out!

Also, thanks for sharing all your own stories and making up a community that is helpful to all that are a part of it. It sure helps!

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joseph oahu
09/06/13 12:49:24PM
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Aloha Locks - started march 05 2013

Member Journals and Timelines

I started my dreads March 5th 2013.

I had someone section and backcomb my hair and then crochet the backcombed sections into tighter locks to begin.

I had hair that was just past chin length in the front and past shoulder length in the back, and I lost a good 2/3 of the length in the process.

I have 49 dreads now. I actually started with 44, and between "week one" photos and "1 month" photos I had the person who started my dreads take 7 of the bigger dreads around the left side of my head and in back and turn that 7 into 12, giving me 5 more dreads. I'm glad I did that as I think it will let them lay better and part better for me, and it was done early enough that no harm was done.


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