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Lexie Beach
11/30/14 06:52:17PM
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Dreadhead Mommy to-be (:

Introduce Yourself

Hi c:

So, i had natural dreads for almost a year and my mother's boss convinced me to take them out when i heard that if i ever applied, i wouldn't get the job because of my hair. Considering how badly i needed a job, being pregnant and unemployed, i took them out. i lost the pregnancy, it being my first, which i hear is common. i worked at subway for a short period, but my manager was very irritating and i disliked most of my coworkers. In May of this year, i found out that i was expecting again and was overjoyed. i got a job at a local restaurant washing dishes and i absolutely hated it. Not only was it work unsuitable for a pregnant individual, my boss was a major dick as well.

I now work at Kroger, and since it is a union job, i'm letting my locks come back. I love my position as a cashier, it has really helped me begin to overcome the worst of my social anxiety. My coworkers are fantastic!!

I have my ears stretched to various sizes, 5 in one ear and one 7/8" in the other. My septum is stretched to a 2g, and i recently repierced my smiley!

My hair seems to be dreading much more quickly this time-- I've been going through the process for between 1 and 2 weeks and already have baby dreads forming.

I'm having a little girl in late February, and i can't wait to meet her!!! Her name is Agatha Ruthanne, and from her ultrasound pictures, she looks like she's gunna be a cutie tootie.

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