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dreadlocks shampoo

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04/26/13 12:26:49AM
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need dread surgery

Help! Save My Dreads

Greetings in the Name of the Most High Living One Jah Rastafari

Dreading is a expression of closeness to creation and creator for many IandI
I also found the sacredness of the locks and tore one part of a dead off because the evil Babylon wax of corruption

It's a bless I my I found this site and all the knowledge from IandI dreadlocks people of the earth l I bong a natural living(@least with hair)

I feel tormented losing that d see was but know it's a lesson learned and from negative experiences there is a positive lesson and the more negative experiences the greater the lesson for all things must be balanced

There is a cultivation of life and the locks show that sacredness of life and its growing expanding nature. But this is not all that grows and expands....

Cultivate love, expand consciousness and even if yah go bald and x an t grow hair yah can grow trees and forests and gardens all over the world

Let Life grow. Let the sacredness gardens expand . Let the forests grow into the sky as INI let the locks grow to the earth

It's not about growing dreadlocks only, dreadlocks 're establish the connection with mother nature and the Most High JAH

Let the herb grow. Stop destroying the earth and lands of beauty. . Let it grow. Let it regrow. Let it grow..Let health h and longevity grow. Let the love grow. Let the truth grow in this world of darkness now is illumination time

The future is here. We are it

"Rasta is future"-Bob Marley

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