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03/06/13 07:28:51PM
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My 3 Year Old, and My Decision To Dread His Head.

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Standing around 36 with skin similar to the sweetness of vanilla cake batter, and eyes that shine bright like the coast of Ireland; Zoe is the calm, charming and compassionate little boy that I carried inside of me for 8 months, 2 weeks and 2 winter days. Although he is the cutest thing that I have ever laid eyes on, I willwholeheartedlyadmit that he was blessed with everything except good hair. He is now 3 years old, and if I can not afford to get his haircut every week - his hair will curl up so tight, that even when I brush it, moments later it curls right back up. His hair isnt long, and in fact - its not even an inch off his head. Its horrible. So thats why I am choosing, as a mother - to dread his hair. The texture is really rough. Can somebody please tell me what I can do to start the process of dreading up my babies hair? Any products that I can use? Please help!

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