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user image 2013-06-15
By: Flowerchild2
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Hi everybody!I wonder what you guys do with your growth to make it turn into dreads? I have tried in a few different ways, like using crochet hooks, back -combing it and so on, but I haven't found a method that I think works good yet. What do you think is the best method? And is there any special products you would like to recommend?Love
the Barrellady
the Barrellady
07/06/13 09:08:46PM @the-barrellady:

That was a photo of a members dread over time with wax in it. Really hope this changes your mind, I would hate for this to happen to you. When waxed dreads get washed it warm water, or on really hot days, the wax gets warmed up and liquifies, moving around, rising to the surface to be seen by all....sorry about the gross pic, but had to show you....peace

the Barrellady
07/06/13 09:06:44PM @the-barrellady:

I did not start with the neglect method, I did T&R, but am product free. So you decided to keep the wax in because you don't notice it in there. Well, you dreads know its in there, water knows it's in there. So many problems will happen to you in the future due to the wax. Mold WILL eventually grow inside of them, as the water pockets get stuck inside of the the dread, gets trapped in there by they wax.

Baba Fats
07/06/13 08:16:51PM @baba-fats:

Not every one started natural. And not everyone took theirs out to go natural the second, third, or fourth times. I certainly didn't start natural. I used a mixture of back combing, TnR, neglect, bands, palm rolling, interlocking, tying knots, everything short of crocheting. So I like to think that others can learn from my experiences.

The best of my experiences to learn from was with my first set. I used wax, and was told not to was for 2 months. After that 2 month mark, I washed. But to my horror, my hair had rotted so badly, that just the pressure from the water peeled away 1/3 of my hair. When I ran my fingers through my hair, I ended up losing about 1/2 my hair. I felt like I was a chemo patient.

Granted, that was an extreme scenario. But only mildly so. even just a little bit of wax is enough to trap water in your locks. Once this water gets trapped, mold and mildew have a really easy time taking hold. But as that grows, it doesn't only stick to where the water is. Mold will eat any organic matter. And all of your hair is organic matter. So it will just keep expanding until it runs out of food.

Tara C
07/06/13 07:55:49PM @tara-c:

I started mine by backcombing and used wax once. It isn't so much about how your dreads look, it's the damage the wax does on the inside. Even if you think it's gone away, it might not have; people have used wax only a few times and then never used it again for years, but they cut their dreads off after years of not using wax only to find it's still in there. Plus the wax can trap dirt, water, etc. in the dreads, which increases the risk of getting mold. So it isn't simply a physical thing, but it's about the harm.

You'll fit in fine, it isn't important (in my opinion) how you start your dread journey, but where it takes you and what you learn :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/06/13 06:34:38PM @soaring-eagle:

no not everyone made them with natural methods only 1/2 about however we all realize hoe horible wax is and it doesnt matter that you dont notice it its still there harming your dreads from the inside it will make them rot

06/17/13 02:05:21PM @flowerchild2:
Thank you all for answering! I think that I will listen to you advice about leaving my dreads alone. However, I just don't feel like taking the wax out because I don't even notice it's in the dreads. I haven't done my dreads in a natural way, but I am pleased with the way they look anyway. I guess I might not fit in on this side, 'cause everybody here have made their dreads using the natural method? Peace

Tara C
06/17/13 05:40:23AM @tara-c:

Also, those 'problem' loose strands of hair mostly join a dread or make their own dreads.

Tara C
06/17/13 05:39:36AM @tara-c:

I have a method for you: patience.

Seriously lol best advice I got was to stop looking at them in mirrors. I'd say you should do the same thing. If you look at it often you'll see all the 'flaws' and won't like it, but if you go weeks or months without seeing them properly, you'll be happy because you'll see the difference.

The roots will always be somewhat loose, but the gap between loose hair and dreaded hair will decrease as they get mature. Loose hair doesn't need crocheting or backcombing, it'll dread on its own. I can feel where my dreads used to be loose hair at the roots because they're not as thick, so obviously they dread up just fine on their own :)

the Barrellady
06/17/13 12:45:22AM @the-barrellady:

Even a little wax is too much wax. It all has to come out. Loose hairs do mature all on their own, don't rush them, let it all happen naturally for healthy locks...peace

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