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By: flowerchild
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is there something to twist and rip dreads that make them take forever to grow length? I mean am I the only one? Next month will be a year and they've matured quickly and seem to continue to shrink. I know they're growing in all these crazy loop dee doos and zig says now rather than straight vertically, and I love them whole heartedly regardless but they're not seeming to get any fatter or anything, lots of root growth but absolutely none at the ends and meh, I just really want my length back. I've read that some folks have gone years while they just continue to shrink or not grow any length at all. Will they just keep growing in all their funky ways and me never gain length?
04/29/14 09:09:04AM @flowerchild:
Thank youu i know theyre not fully matured quite yet its only been a year but theyve definitely made a tooonnnnn of progress in that time heh. I guess ill continue with my patience :p worth it

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/28/14 08:36:12AM @soaring-eagle:

they should begin dreading soon its just a matter of how long they take to get mature they are always growing but cant get longer till they stop shrinking too

04/28/14 02:01:45AM @flowerchild:
I'm starting to get sad :( considering I've forever been a long haired lady. I'm patient as can be and have been, but seeing some progress would be nice. I guess I'm more just venting lol

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