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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Bellingham, WA
Zipcode: 98229
Country: US


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princess Louisa inlet
view from our spot
demo day
from the 18th hole at the disc golf course
dragon boats with the crew


Haunah Rose
10/03/11 11:22:26PM @haunah-rose:

Nah I originate from Olympia, but I now live in Rochester. I still go to school in Oly though. I love it there :)

Haunah Rose
10/03/11 07:53:25PM @haunah-rose:

I'm not from or live in Seattle, but I do live near Oly, but seattle dreadies still rock x)

Haunah Rose
09/30/11 11:08:18AM @haunah-rose:

You're the first person I've come across on here that is from Seattle, woo! Kudos to Seattle dreadies <3 <3

Kare T
04/04/11 02:01:57AM @kare-t:

Sup Bredren, thats whats up! YL is the shit.

You should tell methe date your doing work crew, I was thinking about doing it .


Kanna Vincent
03/08/11 10:33:47PM @kanna-vincent:
I did most of them once, but the others I didn't work on so much so they fell apart, so I've maintained them but they're good now. =) I haven't had to crotchet any in a few days since I put them on, and my daughter hasn't yanked anymore out. xD

Kanna Vincent
03/05/11 07:41:38PM @kanna-vincent:

Hey there! Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply to your comment sooner, I was out of internet for a little while.

My dreads were probably 3 months old at the latest when I added the extensions to them! They were older dreads that were probably around a year old that I had saved from cutting off my previous dreads. =)

I just added mature dreads on to my own 3 month old dreads again, they attached very well with a crotchet hook (Only crotchet the ends otherwise it'll cause major damage to your hair) and they are holding together nicely!


Naja Sage
02/08/11 04:40:27PM @naja-sage:

Northwest------ It's the BEST

Naja Sage
02/08/11 04:39:22PM @naja-sage:
nice photos hope all is well --- peace , light and Gods' love --- Naja

Dready Mimi
02/06/11 07:49:34PM @dready-mimi:

ahhhh Seattle...I soooo miss the beautiful Pacific NW. Kiss the sky for me, please?

Katie Kendall
02/04/11 06:38:33PM @katie-kendall:
yeah, spendy but if i ever get that kinda cash, it'd totally be worth'd just be interesting too, to see what different people in different places consider to be good...i would LOVE to have a dispensary ANYwhere near's none at all in florida...that's one of the reasons i cant wait to get outta here..other than the fact that it just sucks in far as x though, the only place i've been where it was always consistently good, was hawaii..but i had a couple really reliable sources to get from whenever i felt like you have to look..but even the stuff i've found here that was supposed to be amazing, didnt even feel it...

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